A lot of individuals who start using their 1st hosting account, or change companies, usually have questions in regard to how given procedures are executed or run into complications when setting up different things such as emails, website settings, etc. This is the reason why, a lot of providers have compiled documentation with the most frequently asked questions and issues in order to help their customers receive information swiftly and seamlessly. Consequently, the help desk staff representatives can concentrate on actual issues that certain customers may be encountering, because the solution for the minor things will already be available online and customers can easily deal with them without touching base with the customer support staff. Having comprehensive documentation is exceptionally important, particularly for new users with no prior experience, as the hosting service entails a huge number of features and many people can become perplexed about what to do. A good information repository can both help you perform the operations that you want and become aware of how the hosting service functions as a whole.
Extensive Online Documentation in Website Hosting
If you buy a website hosting package from us, you will have access to our exhaustive online help documentation where you will find information on just about everything connected to our hosting plans. The topics encompass anything from how to create an e-mail address on your smart phone, to how to accomplish different things using an .htaccess configuration file. The articles are written in an easy-to-grasp fashion and offer exhaustive manuals on how to complete a specific operation inside your Hepsia Control Panel. You can also find info that is not directly associated with Hepsia, for example one that concerns applications on your desktop computer. The entire archive of articles will be available in the Control Panel’s Help section, but the ones that are relevant to a specific section can be accessed on the spot. Considering the fact that we’ve included as many topics as possible, you’ll be able to discover virtually everything about your hosting account.
Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We have compiled an exhaustive online knowledge base for all our present and future customers, so if you order a semi-dedicated server account from us, you’ll be able to find any info that you’re looking at any moment. We’ve got an abundance of informational help articles, which will help you understand better what is happening in your semi-dedicated server account – "What’s PHP?" and "What are file access permissions?" are merely two instances. Our step-by-step tutorials will help you accomplish anything you want – extract files from an archive, import a database, forward a domain, and so on. Additionally, we also have troubleshooting instructions, which will allow you to discover what causes a certain problem and the potential solutions for it. If you are unable to send e-mail messages or your domain returns an HTTP 500 error message, for instance, you can resort to our knowledge base and rectify the problem momentarily. You can access the articles through any section of the Control Panel, as well as through the dedicated Help section.